What Life Coaching Package Is Right For You?

life coach services in queensland

Have you been feeling lost lately? Like you are uprooted from your life, struggling to grow in your personal and professional life? If you feel like something is calling to you, then it’s time to answer that call. A life coaching package can help you plant new roots in your life, and nourish them until […]

Connect to Your Soul Through a Creative Expression Workshop

creative soul expression

Do you ever feel like you’re disconnected from your mind, body and soul? Like you can’t properly identify with your emotions and feelings? Are you often experiencing fatigue, anxiety or stress without knowing why? You may be uprooted from your own soul, left subconsciously disconnected from your thoughts and experiences. While this can be an […]

How Aromatherapy Connects Us to Our Intuition

plant spirit healing, soulecez

Do you ever feel your instincts and intuition reaching out to you? You don’t know how, but you just know that something is right for you. Or maybe you get a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong. Often we ignore what our bodies and intuition is telling us, whether it’s about a certain person or […]

Reduce Stress with a Meditation Course

active soul connection meditation

Too often we get swept up into the busy waves of our daily life, and we forget to check back in with our mind and body. We scroll through social media and our minds get an overload of information, suddenly making us question the value of our own lives. Why doesn’t my life look like […]

Rebuild Your Sense of Self With Life Coaching

life coach services in queensland

Do you find yourself trapped in negative thought patterns? Is your mind swirling with limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true purpose and potential? Sometimes without even realising it, we become lost in life’s current, travelling along without thinking about what we really want from life. We get stuck in the routine […]

Blue Flag or Blue Iris

This is a most beautiful purple blue flower, first it looks like a bird with a gorgeous yellow gold beak and as the rest of the petal unfolds we are drawn to the softer blues and more indigo towards or the edges. Immediately I sense a cleansing aspect to the flower and it is a […]


daydreaming service

In a relaxed space in the garden or next to the plant that has gained your attention allow yourself to take in the surrounds and breathe gently into its connectedness with all things. Allow the connectedness to enter a dream or trance as you sink into the environment, its surrounds, knowing, being, of what’s to […]

Rose Pink

life coach services in queensland

Rose pink would have to be one of my favourite colours, you may have guessed by now I like all colours but some stand out for me more than others. Rose pink is a warm pinky reddy tinge very much like water melon pink or coral pink. Rose pink is of the compassionate heart, the […]

Plant Spirit Healing

plant spirit healing in queensland

Plant spirit healing is about coming home to yourself, one of the reasons we get sick is because we are home sick. Plant spirit engages with healing on an ongoing process to bring us back to our true nature; removes the mask, the judgments, who am I? What am I doing here? Plant spirit shines […]

Welcome to Happy Soul Life

happy soul life

I created the blog because I need to express my inner world and hope to meet others who feel the same. As a young child I was aware of my inner stillness and would spend hours on my own, making stuff, roaming paddocks where I lived, sitting under the macrocarpa trees listening to the wind […]